Kyrimi Inn

At the end of the 19th century, my paternal grandfather, Thodoros Kyrimis, a merchant, established an estate in Gerolimena, Mani that eventually brought him wealth and fame. My father, Alexandros, following in his footsteps, maintained this enterprise until the beginning of World War II. Eventually, the manor, which is now the Hotel Kyrimai, and the surrounding properties were passed down to my brothers and myself. My portion was at one time the location of the manor’s garden, bakery, stables and one of the two cisterns.

In 2002, I commissioned Mr. Yianni Saitas, a renown architect, author and sociologist, who has dedicated his studies and life work to Mani, to design a home for our family consistent with the local architectural tradition. The actual construction was allotted to local artisans and stonemasons under the supervision of the Baizos family from the village of Alika. Their outstanding craftsmanship compliments not only the family manor, but also exhibits a statement of its own.

Our 'Kyrimi' project was completed in 2007. We believe it successfully emphasizes the unique texture of a true stone structure which is indigenous to this region. Thus far, we have enjoyed utilizing our home with our family and friends from Europe and America. In the summer of 2009, we had the great pleasure of hosting several families from Seattle, Washington, USA, who were visiting the area to perform traditional Greek folk dances.

In early 2010, we applied and obtained a permit from the Greek Tourist Organization and now can rent our suites to those who wish to experience the beauty and serenity of Gerolimenas and Mani.

We wholeheartedly welcome you with our family’s tradition of warmth and friendly hospitality.

Kostas, Linda Kyrimis and family